• Welcome to Bedale Day Nursery

    “Our excellent reputation is based upon providing high quality care in a home from home environment your child will love”

    Understandably, entrusting your child into the care of others is probably the most difficult decision you will ever have to make. Here at Bedale Day Nursery Ltd we aim to ensure that your child is happy and cared for in a home from home environment your child will love.

    We work within the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum to encourage and assist each child to develop emotionally, physically, and intellectually to his or her full potential.

    Our nursery is run by a mother and daughter for almost 20 years. We operate in a purpose built day nursery set in a prime location convenient for parents travelling from Bedale, RAF Leeming, and the surrounding villages. We are also handy for those of you who need to get on to the A1. We have employed architects, designers and child care specialists who have joined forces to develop a safe, stimulating and secure environment for your child.

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  • The Baby Room

    Our newly refurbished baby room is a warm, welcoming and relaxing environment your baby will love.

    They can explore a whole new learning environment with its own outdoor play area and with highly qualified and experienced staff caring for them.

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    The Toddler Room

    This room is newly renovated and fully equipped with all new and age appropriate resources to allow your toddler the freedom to explore in a safe and secure environment.

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    Pre School Room

    This room is designed perfectly for your child to access their own learning.

    The variety of activities and resources available ensure they can learn and develop in a stimulating environment which promotes independence and self confidence.

    Access to the large outside play area means your child can free flow between indoor and outdoor fun all day long.

    • 01.08.2016 - Pre-School 029
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    • 01.08.2016 - Pre-School 040
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    • 01.08.2016 - Pre-School 007
    • 01.08.2016 - Pre-School 008
    • 01.08.2016 - Pre-School 010
    • 01.08.2016 - Pre-School 013
    • 01.08.2016 - Pre-School 016
    • 01.08.2016 - Pre-School 018
    • 01.08.2016 - Pre-School 019

    After School Club

    Our “schoolie” room has been newly renovated providing a spacious, relaxing and fun environment where your child can unwind after a busy day at school. Whether its playing, creating or relaxing they can do it all here.

    We pick up from three local schools including:-
    – Bedale Primary School
    – Aiskew and Leeming Bar Primary School
    – Leeming and Londonderry Primary School
    – Burneston Primary School

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    Kitchen & Reception

    Our cook Mary Townson prides herself on her delicious menu’s, cooking nutritious, home made dinners which all of our children love.

    We have a food hygiene rating of 5 and now with our fully refurbished industrial kitchen Mary is able to prepare, cook and serve our children the best dinners imaginable.

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    Outside Area

    With free flow to our garden this area is used almost all day. There is a musical area, a growing area and a variety of balancing and climbing equipment. A role play house, chalk boards and sand and water play. We know how much our children love to be outside so each day we try to offer the same experiences and activities outside as well as inside.

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    • Qualified Staff

      We have 15 staff, 14 are qualified

    • Cumulative Experience

      Our staffs experience in years adds up to 195 years

    • %
      Satisfied Parents

      All of our parents are 100% satisfied

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      Daily Price

      Nursery Cost

  • Meet Our Staff

    With education and experience in early childhood care
    • Maxine Cocks
    • Tracy Stockdale
      Deputy Manager
    • Tracy Hearne
      Deputy Manager
    Meet The Whole Team
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    • Review written by 10 year old Thomas Lazenby who attends the after school and holiday club.

      ” I have been in bedale day nursery for 7 years and have volunteered to do a review on this brilliant nursery”

      Thomas Lazenby
    • “It is really lovely to see Bens progress, thank you for capturing it in photos. It is reassuring to know he is well cared for and nurtured while with you guys.”

      Mrs Smith
      Taken from the Childrens Portfolio
    • From age 3 – 7 this nursery has given me some fun filled moments aswell as this the staff work mind blowingly hard to make sure every single child is happy and put aside there worrys to act positive and cheerful at all times. nobody knows how Maxine made such a perfect nursery.

      Thomas Lazenby
    • “I am really pleased with how Rose is progressing, she is coming on brilliantly. I just want to say thank you for all your hard work in helping to bring up my little girl.”

      Mrs Walker
      Taken from the Childrens Portfolio
    • The cook (Mary) has 5 star hygiene rating and makes the best food in the world but still manages to work around everyones allergies.

      Thomas Lazenby
    • “Poppy has loved moving up into the big room and her confidence and development has really grown.”

      Mrs King
      Taken from the Childrens Portfolio
    • In conclusion there isn’t another nursery in Yorkshire that could even come close to beating Bedale Day Nursery.

      Thomas Lazenby
    • “We are delighted that Bea enjoys her time at nursery so much. The range of creative and physical activities that she does on a daily basis is wonderful.”

      Mrs Pascoe
      Taken from the Childrens Portfolio
    • “Bobby’s speech and adventurous nature has really been developed at Bedale Day Nursery.”

      Mrs Sparow
      Taken from the Childrens Portfolio
    • “Ethan has come on over the past 2-3 months, it is great to see. He definitely seems to have fun at nursery and his confidence is growing every day.”

      Mrs Bowen
      Taken from the Childrens Portfolio
    • Hello my name is Eleanor; I have been going to nursery for 5 years. I have enjoyed nursery. We have schoolie room up-stairs also the schoolie room is new and I like it more up-stairs. I’ve made lots of friends.

      Eleanor Sothworth
      Age 6